Walking in the dark

In my life I have had a hard time coming to grip with WHY life can be such a struggle. What have I done to deserve the punishment of this downturn of luck. Why me….blah blah blah boo hoo…. it makes me think about the book of Job.

Sometimes God allows us to break until we see that we can’t do it without him. He allows us to be put into situations where we have a choice to turn to him for his help and guidance or we can try to get through on our own. Every time I have attempted to resolve difficult issues on my own without even considering God in my decision, I may get past it, but getting past it and getting through it are two different things. It seems to me that we are designed to conquer the challenge ahead of us. Because He loves us and has given us free will, He let’s us choose whether we want to face it or go around it. In my experience when I choose to go around it or try to attack it on my own I end up seeing the same struggle or hardship again. It may have different players and a different look but at the core level the test is the same. When I face the challenge and choose to figure out how God is trying to get me to learn or grow, that is when I feel that I see the most success. One of the things that I have come to realize is that life breaks down to a series of opportunities. In each one of these opportunities there are choices. Each choice leads down a path. When we take the time and ask God for guidance we will be able to look down those paths and see that one of them will be well lit and the other one won’t. Additionally, when we choose to, we can look back and say, “God, what the heck was that? What did I miss that I was supposed to take from that situation?” The cool thing is He will show us. (usually not what we want to see but surley what we need to) When I look back, feeling like Im seeing the same junk over and over again I usually find its because I’ve been walking in the dark. Looking foward, we have the choice to take either road we want and the opprotunity to go down the right path. My eyes arent always as open as I want them to be, but I know that I want to stay in the light.

This First week of Walking in Faith I helped out in a VBS. I saw kids who were having a great time doing “churchy stuff”. The kids raised over 4000 meals for kids in Haiti!!! so proud of their amazing hearts for kids on the other side of the World. Stepping out each day and letting them grow and experience God in a fun way was awesome. This week really proved to me that I have absolutely made the right decision and am headed down the well lit path. See the Pics below… The reward for fund raising was 400 meals donated- they get to shave my beard. 1200 meals- also shave my head…. I am bald.

Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Walking in the dark

  1. willdog33 says:

    Keep up the good work brother! I would like to be a part of your journey. I can relate to almost every aspect of life’s issues. I never met my real Father. Growing up with a step Dad & half sister. Losing a brother & a son. Bankruptcy and losing my retirement & kids education funds. Divorce. Homelessness. Alcoholism. Comedy

  2. Anonymous says:

    So true and inspiring. I love to hear your success, struggles, and wisdom gained. You are a Godly man who brings a light to my life.

    May I also share a little of my recent story? Ok – since I didn’t hear you say “no”, here goes….

    I was listening to a message by Skip Heitzig about “making your mark”. He was going through Genesis and giving an account of Abrams (Abraham) life. What God shared with me is that Abram came from hard life experiences. His brother died…his wife was barren (which was seen as a curse from God at that time)…etc… He wasn’t born a perfect man with a perfect cushy blessed life. He had many afflictions and heartaches to deal with and overcome. This fact comforted me. Godly people in the bible were US. REAL people dealing with REAL HARD life, and making choices.
    The next point of encouragement was that Abram (after hearing God telling him to leave and go to the promise land…where God wanted him to be) experienced not blessed land but a severe drought. When he was where God wanted him to be…the land was in hard times…a severe drought. So, after a while in this harsh environment, he decided to leave for a better environment and he went to Egypt. God didn’t tell him to leave – he made a choice. As you read in Gen 12:10 it was a bad choice. He lied, brought anguish to Pharaoh (to the point that Abram was physically kicked out), and ended up returning back to where God wanted him to be. Once there he “…called on the name of the Lord”. He repented. He realized. He returned to God.

    This was comforting because don’t we do the same things? After hearing God and following Him, Abram still had choices to make. Some were the right choices, but some were wrong. Through the wrong…..we GROW.

    I then compared my life to Abrams. Ha ha …. Yes, I compared my life’s walk with Abraham’s (the father of all nations). It made me reflect on where I started in life, and where I have come. It made me think…..”If a modern life bible was written today by God, What would the Book of Rechelle read?” It would no doubt be littered with sin, failures, bad decisions, and heart ache. BUT the ending message of my life would no doubt shine God’s Mercy and Glory through my imperfections and mistakes. Isn’t that the beauty Christ? and why He died?? To bring GOD GLORY!

    One more thought……
    Do you think that as Abraham went through his life he knew that God would write a book about him, and share his story with the world through all the ages?
    My point to this is I tend to put people (apostles & prophets) in the the bible that God chose on a heavenly pedestal. They are an elite group of people whom I would pray and aspire to become a tenth as good. But God told that they are no different than you and I. Just ordinary people who made the best choice that they could make in life….they chose to walk with God.

    So with that said, what would the “Book of Josh” read?

    My guess…..it would be absolutely amazing and inspiring. Probably – one of the best reads of the 21st century. Keep making your mark for God.

  3. Mom says:

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    John 16:33

  4. Holly says:

    I lOVE THIS!

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