El Niño

The faint murmur of the traffic on the street blended well with the barking dogs, playing children and the conversation happening in the kitchen below by the group of women who will cook for the children in this community today. My body aches from the baseball game with the teens from the area yesterday. My eyes are crusty and difficult to open. I sit up without opening my eyes, and narrowly miss cracking my skull on the upper bunk bed. It takes me a matter of seconds to realize where I am. I am in El Niño, a mid-sized community of displaced families that have been biding their time until things get better and they can go home or wherever they came from. Most have been here 7 years or more. The truth is that the “better” they are waiting for and claim to seek is right here. Pastor Daniel Nunez is Pastor of Lo Mejor Del Trigo and has an amazing passion for building up his community here in Mexico. He has prayerfully opened 20 churches here in and has vision to open 30 more. We sat with him and discussed the direction of his ministry. As much as he wants to build homes for families he notes that it should be done through local churches to draw the bond between the families and the local church, not the just people who came and built the house then left.
The children here love baseball and showed up at the church yesterday ready to play. Pastor Daniel had promised them they would play so they were here and ready. He also said that, even though they were happy with the field they normally play on, an area of bushes cleared for the game, he knew of another field that is much better and they would love. He was right. We played 9 innings and finished 18-17. (Our team won!!) You can see the respect the children are being taught. There are obviously some kids who have not played before, and when they missed the ball or didn’t run they were not teased or chastised, they were encouraged and taught.

This place they have built up is home they are placed not displaced. We will be organizing home building trips starting in September.


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One thought on “El Niño

  1. Aunt C says:

    So happy for not only you, but for all those needy people who are hungry to see some real love in this abominable world.

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