My 1st Born son turns 18

Shut the front door!  My firstborn son, Gavin James Lawson has turned 18. I text him this morning and said Happy Birthday, but that didnt convey what I was trying to say.  It seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk.


So full of life!  He was the reason I made many of my decisions as a 20yr old.  Which job to take, which friends to hang out with & what cartoons to watch.  He ushered in meaning into a young mans life.  He gave me purpose and a reason to try harder.  We had so much fun while he was a toddler, probably most of which he wont remember.Scan 1 But I do.

As the firstborn son he loaded the family responsibility on his shoulders.  When he was about 6 his mom and I were having a discussion in another room about finances and trying to figure out what we were going to do.  Next thing we knew Gavin was on his way out the front door with the essentials, blanket & a toy.  When we asked what in the world he was doing he answered “I’m going to get a job so you guys don’t have to worry about money anymore.”   That broke our hearts that he would even know what we were saying and that we were doing such a bad job at protecting him from it.  But that is him.  To this day he seeks out ways to protect and fill in the gaps for others.

Gavin was the first, which means unfortunately for him he was the test kid.  I was still growing up myself.  I did somethings good and some things very very poorly.  I didnt know how to communicate so I yelled.  I didnt know how to explain so I spanked.  I didnt know how show love, so I worked.  Through it all he was still my little buddy.

Scan 2

Our “teenage years” have been relatively painless.  He challenged authority like all boys who are becoming men do.  Once the clear boundaries were established he fell into place and went about life.  He will fight, He will stand up for his brothers and family at all costs.  He is loyal, loving and kind. (dont ask his brothers that… they wont get it for years but all the struggle was out of him learning to love.)  Gavin is considerate and polite.  He is curious about the world and willing to take it head on.   He is part of me.  I pray that he continues to reflect the good parts and can skip over the bad.  I pray that whatever adventures God stirs in his heart that he runs at them full speed.   I am proud of him.  I am proud of what he has overcome.  I am proud to say that he is my son.  I believe Gavin has the potential to change the world, because God knows he changed mine.  I love you son.  Happy 18th Birthday little buddy.10547469_10202768838357863_7826057373274926640_ngav

and stop wearing my underwear… its weird.


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